NOTE: Value MUST match IQue or AMP

Name Value Group
\/ Business Columnists \/ ------ business - columnist 
Alan Guebert Alan Guebert business - columnist 
Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey business - columnist 
Guest Business Columnist Other Bus. Columnist business - columnist 
Rex Troute Rex Troute business - columnist 
\/ Life Columnists \/ ----- life - columnist 
Angela Beenken Angela Beenken life - columnist 
Bob Hansen Bob Hansen life - columnist 
Bob Saar Bob Saar life - columnist 
Charles Stuart Platkin Charles Stuart Platkin life - columnist 
Chris Lee Chris Lee life - columnist 
Craig Neises (life) Craig Neises - Life life - columnist 
Dear Abby Dear Abby life - columnist 
Eye on the Arts Eye on the Arts life - columnist 
Guest Life Columnist Other Life Columnist life - columnist 
Jacqueline Bigar Jacqueline Bigar life - columnist 
James Dulley James Dulley life - columnist 
Julie Kirk Julie Kirk life - columnist 
Kerri McKim Kerri McKim life - columnist 
Lynda Murray Lynda Murray life - columnist 
Monika Coursey Monika Coursey life - columnist 
Pete Rankin Pete Rankin life - columnist 
Rhonda Frevert Rhonda Frevert life - columnist 
Steven Parker Steven Parker life - columnist 
Will Smith Will Smith life - columnist 
\/ Opinion Columnists \/ ----- opinion - columnist 
Cal Thomas Cal Thomas opinion - columnist 
Charles Haynes Charles Haynes opinion - columnist 
Charles Krauthammer Charles Krauthammer opinion - columnist 
Charlie Reese Charlie Reese opinion - columnist 
Craig Neises (opinion) Craig Neises opinion - columnist 
Dale Alison Dale Alison opinion - columnist 
Don Henry Don Henry opinion - columnist 
Donald Kaul Donald Kaul opinion - columnist 
Ellen Goodman Ellen Goodman opinion - columnist 
Garrison Keillor Garrison Keillor opinion - columnist 
Gene Policinski Gene Policinski opinion - columnist 
Jalene Jameson Jalene Jameson opinion - columnist 
Jared McNeill Jared McNeill opinion - columnist 
Jeff Abell Jeff Abell opinion - columnist 
Kathleen Parker Kathleen Parker opinion - columnist 
Leonard Pitts Leonard Pitts opinion - columnist 
Mike Sweet Mike Sweet opinion - columnist 
Paul McMasters Paul McMasters opinion - columnist 
Randy Miller Randy Miller opinion - columnist 
Ron Givens Ron Givens opinion - columnist 
Sam Pizzigati Sam Pizzigati opinion - columnist 
Steve Delaney Steve Delaney opinion - columnist 
\/ Sports Columnists \/ ----- sports - columnist 
Ben Schuff Ben Schuff sports - columnist 
Guest Sports Columnist Other Sports Columnist sports - columnist 
Jim Litke Jim Litke sports - columnist 
John Bohnenkamp John Bohnenkamp sports - columnist 
Matt Levins Matt Levins sports - columnist 
Tim Dahlberg Tim Dahlberg sports - columnist 
John Van Nostrand John Van Nostrand business - columnist 
Kiley Miller Kiley Miller business - columnist 
Mike Augspurger Mike Augspurger business - columnist 
Bobby Wilson Bobby Wilson life - columnist 
Christinia Crippes Christinia Crippes life - columnist 
Annie Preston Annie Preston opinion - columnist 
Randy Petersen Randy Petersen opinion - columnist 
Shawna Richter Shawna Richter opinion - columnist 
Sid Pranke Sid Pranke opinion - columnist 
Susan Denk Susan Denk sports - columnist