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[if "[EyeDirect Premium YesNo]" equals "Y"][if "[EyeDirect VideoOrPhoto]" equals "video"] [if "[EyeDirect Video Type]" equals "mov"]
[if "[EyeDirect Video Type]" equals "swf"]
[if "[EyeDirect Video Type]" equals "mp4"]
[if "[EyeDirect Video Type]" equals "wmv"]
[if "[EyeDirect Video Type]" equals "avi"]
[if "[EyeDirect Video Type]" equals "hosted"]
[EyeDirect Video URL]
[if "[EyeDirect Featured YesNo]" equals "Y"][if "[EyeDirect VideoOrPhoto]" isnot "video"][if "[EyeDirect Photo]" icontains "http://"]
[if "[EyeDirect Featured YesNo]" equals "Y"][if EyeDirect Hours1 Sunday]
[EyeDirect Hours1 Sunday]
[EyeDirect Hours2 Monday]
[EyeDirect Hours3 Tuesday]
[EyeDirect Hours4 Wednesday]
[EyeDirect Hours5 Thursday]
[EyeDirect Hours6 Friday]
[EyeDirect Hours7 Saturday]
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[EyeDirect Address Street]
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[if EyeDirect Business Phone][/if EyeDirect Business Phone] [if "[EyeDirect Featured YesNo]" equals "Y"][if EyeDirect Business Tollfree][/if EyeDirect Business Tollfree] [if "[EyeDirect Featured YesNo]" equals "Y"][if EyeDirect Business Fax][/if EyeDirect Business Fax] [if "[EyeDirect Featured YesNo]" equals "Y"][if EyeDirect Business URL][/if EyeDirect Business URL] [if "[EyeDirect Premium YesNo]" equals "Y"][if EyeDirect Business Store URL][/if EyeDirect Business Store URL] [if EyeDirect Business Email][/if EyeDirect Business Email] [if "[EyeDirect Premium YesNo]" equals "Y"][if "[EyeDirect Social Viewable YesNo]" equals "Y"]
Phone: [EyeDirect Business Phone]
Tollfree: [EyeDirect Business Tollfree]
Fax: [EyeDirect Business Fax]
Website: [EyeDirect Business URL]
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E-mail: [EyeDirect Business Email]
Social media: [if EyeDirect Social Facebook URL]Facebook[/if EyeDirect Social Facebook URL] [if EyeDirect Social Twitter URL]Twitter[/if EyeDirect Social Twitter URL] [if EyeDirect Social LinkedIn URL]LinkedIn[/if EyeDirect Social LinkedIn URL] [if EyeDirect Social GooglePlus URL]GooglePlus[/if EyeDirect Social GooglePlus URL] [if EyeDirect Social YouTube URL]YouTube[/if EyeDirect Social YouTube URL]
[if "[EyeDirect Featured YesNo]" equals "Y"][if EyeDirect Chamber]Chamber Member: [EyeDirect Chamber][/if EyeDirect Chamber]
[if "[EyeDirect Featured YesNo]" equals "Y"][if "[EyeDirect Photo2]" icontains ".jpg"] [if "[EyeDirect Featured YesNo]" equals "Y"][if "[EyeDirect Photo3]" icontains ".jpg"] [if "[EyeDirect Featured YesNo]" equals "Y"][if "[EyeDirect Photo4]" icontains ".jpg"]

[if "[EyeDirect Map Source]" equals "yahoo"]
[if "[EyeDirect Map Source]" equals "google"]
[if "[EyeDirect Map Source]" equals "bing"]
[if "[EyeDirect Map Source]" equals "created"][if "[EyeDirect Map Image]" icontains "http://"]
Map missing or incorrect URL
[if EyeDirect Business Description][EyeDirect Business Description][/if EyeDirect Business Description] [if "[EyeDirect Featured YesNo]" equals "Y"]
[Body] [if "[EyeDirect Premium YesNo]" equals "Y"][if "[EyeDirect Ext URL]" icontains "http://"]

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