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2009-2010 School Year

In the 2009-2010 school year, The Hawk Eye and Newspapers in Education sponsors provided newspapers to 13 school districts. Over 7,000 students (from elementary to high school) read The Hawk Eye every week in the classroom, and 135 teachers used it to promote reading and for other educational tools. Through this program, students are kept informed of what's going on in the world around them. Students can use the papers in a multitude of ways from looking up upcoming events, game highlights and theater schedules to finding job listings and retail sales.

The power of partnership connects the newspaper with educators, students, families and sponsors. Along with area sponsors, The Hawk Eye also partners with USA Weekend. They provide the program with an additional source of lessons and learning activities.

Why should I become a sponsor?

For the Students

The Newspaper Association of America Foundation commissioned a study (Measuring Success, 2003) to find out if Newspapers in Education really works. Conclusions under Table 4 on Page 7 state, "When controlling for other factors, data suggests that having an NIE program for at least some classrooms at a school will increase the overall performance of the school, on average, by about 10 percent." The Newspapers in Education program is available to Elementary, Middle (Junior High), and High School classes. From the same study, "Significant increases in performance were more likely to occur in middle schools."

The Newspapers in Education program is helpful in reading comprehension and social studies skills. Many teachers use the newspaper advertisements for math assignments. They also use them in social studies for current events and for political information.

Testimonials from teachers

The following are testimonial from area teachers who received newspapers during the 2008-2009 school year.
"Thank you. This is an excellent resource!"
"We use the newspaper on a daily basis as an instructional tool in the classroom."
"Keep up the great work!"
"I am totally and deeply humbled by the magnitude of honor and respect given to not only myself, but all the teachers honored (at the Teacher of the Year Banquet). I am positive that I echo the gratitude that all the nominees felt. I feel so strongly about the nurturing role teachers have in education today."  —Carolyn Armento, 2009 Teacher of the Year

For the Sponsor

Sponsoring NIE helps achieve recognition as a community leader for education. A chance to increase branding of your company in a positive way to parents, students, and teachers. Sponsors will be listed on The Hawk Eye's web site and will also be acknowledged in an advertisement in our publication and on our web site following the Teacher of the Year banquet (unless an anonymous donation is requested). Those contributing at the gold, platinum or silver level will receive additional advertising in The Hawk Eye throughout the school year.

Gold - $5,000
Four (4) full-page Newspapers in Education advertisements, to run during the school year, with the Gold Sponsor featured. In addition, a video of students using the newspaper in the classroom will be featured on the web site, with the Gold Sponsor tagged to it.

Platinum - $2,500
Four (4) one-half (1/2) page Newspapers in Education advertisements, to run during the school year, with the Platinum Sponsor featured.

Silver - $1,000
Four (4) one-quarter (1/4) page Newspapers in Education advertisements, to run during the school year, with the Silver Sponsor featured.

One Classroom - $175

If you would like to become a sponsor, please complete the form below. If you'd prefer to mail your sponsor information, click here for a PDF version that you may complete and send to:
  NIE Coordinator
  The Hawk Eye
  PO Box 10
  800 S. Main St.
  Burlington, IA 52601
Please be sure to answer all the required items.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Jon Billups at 1-800-397-1708 or 1-319-758-8143 or e-mail You may also use our convenient contact form.
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